My name is Agness. I am an Immigrant from Zambia. My experience of domestic violence started with my ex husband. When I made attempts to escape the abuse he would fight me and call the police to frame me. I finally escaped our almost 2 year marriage in August 2018 after he threatened to deport me and separate me from our 1 yr old son. I managed to obtain permanent residency under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), however, my ex husband has been upset with this. Because of my ex-husband’s status as an American citizen, he managed to deceive and lie to the Courts to obtain custody of our son. I have been battling with obtaining custody since 2018. I finally sued the Senior Judge W over our case who succeeded my former Judge L that presided over our case. I sued Judge L because he granted sole emergency custody over my son based off aggravated perjury, hearsay and false allegations on my mental health. Instead of doing the right thing, Judge W waged war against my permanent residency under the VAWA. He believes Tennessee law should dictate my green card instead of USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) or the VAWA. I sued in the District Court at Greeneville because his conduct is racist and outrageous and not in the best interest of my son. He is a dangerous Judge. Judge W even went as far as placing false criminal charges on me to have me deported to please my ex-husband. However, my lawsuit helped me to stop those illegal proceedings. My case is still open.

Please know that you can get out & it will not always be an easy road & it will be lonely at times, but it only gets better. Life is too beautiful to live it trapped & abused & hiding under the shame of it all.

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Danielle Harrison

Please Join Us. Stand Up. Speak Out. Humanity Against Violence.

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Danielle Harrison

Founder & Survivor

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