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Danielle Harrison

HAV Podcasts

Welcome to Humanity Against Violence | Speaking out against domestic violence to create awareness and change.

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Danielle Harrison


This is the story of Agness. Stand up and speak out against domestic violence.

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Danielle Harrison

Protection For Children Petition

Too many children are forced into dangerous circumstances when being left in the care of an abusive parent. Even when they are not directly abused, the damage caused by witnessing abuse is extensive, and the percentage of partner abusers who later abuse children is scary. We have to better protect children from homes of abuse.

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Danielle Harrison

Training Requirements Petition

Far too many people within our communities and system know very little about domestic violence and it’s affects. This lack of knowledge is destroying families and putting survivors in danger. Better training and requirements are imperative to better serve our communities.

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Danielle Harrison

Founder & Survivor

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