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Hello! I’m Danielle Harrison. After narrowly escaping a horrifying abusive relationship and fleeing from New Hampshire to the state of Ohio for safety, our abuser continues his reign of terror. The system allows and helps him do so, despite him having 4 different victims across 3 different states who have made allegations of rape, sexual assault, assault & battery, false imprisonment, and neglect & abuse of his father he cares for and his animals. He wants to take my 9 yr old daughter from Ohio to Florida for long-distance visitation, as the courts continue to force her to communicate with her father who she reports sexually abused her.

More victims

His most recent victim requested to file charges in March of 2023 in the state of Florida, and I have pursued charges in the state of New Hampshire. A 3rd victim was threatened by law enforcement and is currently too afraid to pursue charges. He has yet to be charged in FL or NH, and still walks the streets to find his next victim. We are currently working with a private investigation team in hopes that he will be brought to justice.

My Mission

My mission is to bring awareness to Domestic Violence, the effects on victims & children, and the broken system that victimizes them further, shattering families across the country. I’m in the process of writing my book, “From Darkness to Survivor,” and hope that the screen writes being done will be successful.

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We need A Plan For Change

Join our journey as we formulate a plan to encourage better laws, assistance for victims, and more effective training and requirements for those involved.


About Domestic Violence & The Effects

Knowledge is power and we can’t change what we don’t acknowledge. Dangerous stigma’s and a lack of proper training often puts victims in further danger. Victims have a right the be safe, and systems needs better plans to ensure that.

National Coalition Against DV


This amazing site is filled with info & help by state with easy-to-use navigation and an emergency exit button to erase your online tracks.

When Georgia Smiles


Created by Robin & Dr. Phil Foundation, this site has great resources and links to download a free hidden app to record your abuse & provide a helpline if you're in danger.

Me Too Moms


These wonderful women support survivors who are revictimized by this broken system.


Inform yourself on the laws in your state and make sure you protect yourself and your family. You DO have rights and are NOT alone.


To get the help and hope you need.

These are some of the best resources available in one place. As a survivor, it’s important to make yourself INFORMED. Hover/Select our info boxes for links. Explore the laws. Learn your rights. Build your Village. Stay Strong. You can do this and you’re not alone.

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Learn About Domestic Violence & Survival Stories

We have blogs with helpful information, news, events, and stories from survivors of domestic violence. Share your story and Speak Out!


You Can Help

Check out some resources on how you can start your own campaigns to stand up against violence with fundraisers, events, share petitions, and more. A Google search of how to host a fundraiser for domestic violence awareness will provide a plethora of links with ideas. The has an amazing PDF from the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence titled "Wise Women's Favorite Fundraising Strategies."

There are domestic violence advocates across the World who love your help to support victims of violence in your area. A Google search of "domestic violence shelters and advocates near me" will show you the local support systems put into place.

Knowledge is power. Keep yourself and your family safe, learn ways to help, promote the change the world needs to heal. Explore our website to learn more about domestic violence and it's effects on victims, the community, and economy. Search domestic violence on Google, and things you can do to support victims.

Join our mission and share your story of hope and inspiration, struggles, and fears. Show the World that we are survivors, and let other victims know that they are not alone. We are stronger together.

Support a great cause and join Humanity Against Violence... A Movement To Create Change within our broken system to help Survivors. We are currently only promoting our GoFundMe as we continue our fight to keep ourselves safe. Any remaining funds will go into Humanity Against Violence. I am writing my book, "From Darkness to Survivor" and a screen write will be done on that to spread awareness of domestic violence and how the system fails victims and survivors. 


From Survivors

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Do you have a story to tell? We’re looking for domestic violence survivors, professionals, and organizations to interview for our podcast we will be launching online across YouTube, social media and podcast platforms.