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Thank you for reading our story. We are praying for help with our ongoing battle with a monster who sexually & physically assaults his victims. He continues taking me to court repeatedly in attempts to take my 9-year-old daughter from our home in Ohio to Florida where he now lives. We have endured victim blaming like I never thought possible & have been continually put in further danger by the system that was supposed to help & protect us.

Most people know domestic violence is a terrible thing, but most don’t know what goes down “behind the scenes” when trying to escape an abusive relationship, and the effects that a broken system has on that already dangerous and terrifying experience. We desperately need reform to better help and protect victims and children from acts of violence.

Our Story

For approximately 6 years, what started as a mutual relationship quickly turned into an abusive and terrifying forced situation. It didn’t take long for him to have me in a situation where he forced control over almost every aspect of my life. In a matter of a few months, he had me isolated from family & friends and had full control of my ability, or lack thereof to communicate with anyone after being put onto his phone plan. He forced me into a position where I had to sell my vehicle & he moved me across the country from TN to NH upon discovering I was pregnant after the many times he raped me. 
There were security cameras around the house to monitor my every move. When his dad was there, he would watch me for him with strict instructions to contact him if I did anything suspicious so he could leave work. I could not go anywhere or speak to anyone without him. I was not allowed to spend time with friends or family, and he had control of my phone service, would monitor my calls/texts and shut my phone service off whenever he wanted. He lied to and manipulated his friends into stalking me for him as well.

The Hopelessness

It took six years for me to be able to get my children and me safe from him and his abusive parents, who helped him victimize his victims. I was granted a Protection Order on two different occasions in NH, and the judge cited he believed I had been assaulted on multiple occasions. I had to return when there was a lack of help through the system enforcing an order which put my children and me in further danger. Despite being stalked & threatened, my calls and reports for the Protection Order violations went ignored. 
His mother worked in law enforcement in NH and Phoenix, AZ since the age of 15, and at the time, was the secretary for the Chief of Police, and they regularly used their connections and involvement with law enforcement/the system to threaten and intimidate me. At least 3 of his other victims have made similar allegations. There were multiple times I tried to get help, afraid for my life, where he would take or break my phone so I couldn’t call for help. His parents would tell me that if the police arrived, it would NOT be their son that goes to jail, as they would make sure of it.

The Fear

Both of his parents have assaulted me on multiple occasions. The first time his mother attacked me, the day I found out I was pregnant with her grandchild, I had stopped him from assaulting her, and she then came at me, hitting me, shoving me to the ground, and then began kicking me, telling me it was my fault her son was like this. His father has given me a bloody lip on 2 separate occasions and attacked me several other times, as well as having to come between him and my young teenager on more than one occasion to stop him from attacking her. My ex frequently had violent altercations with his parents. He and his father would get into fistfights while my ex was driving at high rates of speed with the baby and me in the backseat. He kicked his mother in her shin with his cowboy boots on and caused so much damage that she had to seek medical attention after it swelled up the diameter of a volleyball.
He has also assaulted me multiple times while driving at high rates of speed with our then 0-3-year-old daughter in the vehicle. Many times, he would drive in excess of 80+ mph saying he was going to crash into something or drive us all off the side of a mountain to kill us all, waiting until the last moment to slam on his breaks. There were several times I screamed out, bracing for impact thinking for sure we were about to die. Terrifying doesn’t even begin to describe the fear he regularly instilled in my children and his victims. He beat and raped me regularly, and his verbal and emotional abuse was an everyday thing. He went on anger tirades daily, threatening people’s lives and being extremely verbally/emotionally abusive, sometimes lasting all night and continuing through the following day. 

The Violence

The following list is things I frequently experienced at his hands. He would: slap, punch, shove, kick, slam me to the ground, choke, strangle, spit on me, and pull-out chunks of my hair. He regularly threatened to murder me, my children, my entire family, his parents and his family, including his grandmother. He would rape me, assault me, then tell me he was going to rape and murder my teen daughter and 10-year-old niece next. He would tell me he has multiple connections who would help him kill me, and that there were many places he could dispose of my body where I’d never be found, and his parents would help him cover it up. He would spray cleaning products in my face, several times while I held our daughter. He’s threatened my life with guns, knives, and screwdrivers, crashing his vehicle with us all in it, running me over with his vehicle, and throwing me out a 2-story window to the cement below.
Many times, he threatened murder-suicide, saying he would kill the kids, my family and himself, and either include me in that or do so in front of me and leave me alive to suffer the loss. He frequently made disgusting racist comments and would attempt to teach Jasmine racism, as well as animal abuse & cruelty. He was extremely mentally, verbally, and emotionally abusive to my bi-racial teen from a previous relationship threatening her, encouraging her to kill herself, and going on racist tantrums. He is destructive, hitting and throwing and breaking things. With his mother’s help, he uses the system, manipulating and lying, to continue his terror and abuse, even after escaping. Since my children and I got safe from him in September of 2017, he has made multiple false reports with my local Police Department and Child Protective Services to threaten and intimidate me and my child.

His Reign of Terror Continued

There are 3 different victims I have spoken with that had similar experiences. In September 2019, I received calls and messages from close friends and family of a victim, who was dating him at that time. They were terrified he was going to kill her, and they were hoping I could help them get her safe. Upon discovering I was helping, he threatened to kill her and her family, me, and her friends that were helping her get safe from him. Once the victim was safe, I was informed by her and her friend that he had taken two weeks off of work and was wanting to force his victim into helping him kidnap my then 7-year-old daughter, telling her they needed to “rescue” my child from me. That was the second time I know that he was planning on kidnapping my child.
The victim reports that he assaulted and raped her many times throughout their relationship, he neglects his father and dog, and he had her teenage children handle his handgun, later scaring her into believing he was going to murder her and frame her children. She testified there were many times she hid in a closet terrified he was going to shoot her. On one of these occasions, she heard him getting his gun, and called the police, saying she was terrified to come out of the closet and felt like she was being held hostage. After listening to his blatant lies, the police told HER she would be arrested if called again with the same “claims.” She is currently too afraid to pursue charges. 

His Violence Goes Ignored

His most recent victim filed a report of sexual assault, assault and battery, false imprisonment and theft, as well as reporting to officers how he neglects and abuses his elderly father and dog. My 9-year-old daughter also started opening up about how her father would grope her while touching himself when we lived in NH. While her counselors and I believe there is still something more that happened that she’s not ready to talk about, I pray she can begin her healing process. Nothing has been done and charges have yet to be filed despite the multiple allegations and reports filed by multiple victims, as this monster is allowed to continue his reign of terror on his victims and society.
While his parents defend him, lie for him, and to help him victimize others, he is also very abusive to them. I’ve witnessed multiple violent assaults by him on both parents. He verbally, mentally and physically abuses them into financially supporting him. He forces his elderly father, who is in his care after suffering multiple heart attacks and two strokes, into giving him his Social Security checks every month while providing horrendous care, has him living in dirty conditions with animal waste, leaving him to eat dog food, and leaving him with nothing. He neglects and abuses his dog who rarely goes outside, has nails that are curled from never being trimmed so he can barely walk, has urine and feces that goes uncleaned and covers his living space, is regularly left locked in a small cage, and is not fed and watered properly.

The Evidence

The Nationally Qualified Expert Witness, a Ph.D. psychotherapist, I have been consulting with expresses deep concern about him seeming to have so many characteristics and patterns of behavior that are indicative of a psychopath. I was told the same thing by the counselor my teen and I saw while we lived with my ex in NH. Everyone I’ve spoken with who knows his violent side personally has used the same phrase to describe him: “He is a terrifying monster,” and most know it’s only a matter of time before he ends up killing someone. His ability to lie to and manipulate people so easily, coming across as charming and ambitious, makes him that much more dangerous. This monster deserves to be behind bars for the longest term possible to keep the community and his victims a little safer.
To hear of his abusive nature is heartbreaking and disgusting… To hear my recordings of how evil he can be is deeply concerning and scary… To experience his terror firsthand is utterly horrifying, and his victims are left with PTSD that is difficult to work through and heal from. Nearly every single accusation I have made in this statement can be verified in his own words and actions with the many recordings I have showing his extremely abusive nature. This is not a case of “my word against his”… HIS words verify his life-threatening behavior with my extensive evidence. These are dangerous circumstances, and the most serious consequences should be pursued in an attempt to save past and future victims from his terror, and for his victims to get the justice they need and deserve.

Why We Need Help

Mere months after I helped his victim get safe, he retaliated by taking me to court requesting visitation with my daughter. The courts have consistently victim blamed us, putting us in extreme danger, and continue to ignore his dangerous behavior, despite mounds of evidence showing his consistently violent nature. Since 2020, the courts have forced this monster back into our lives after the nightmare we went through to get safe from him. They have put me into a position where I not only am required to force my child to video/phone call her abuser twice a week and visitations with 30 days’ notice, I’m also expected to do so in a friendly manner and to tell my daughter how much he loves her and how safe she is with him.
This has proven to be far more expensive than I anticipated being that the system continues to put us in danger instead of helping us. My attorney and I are doing everything we can to keep my little girl safe, but this continues to be an ongoing and trying battle to do so. I currently have an expert witness, and I expect a bill over $10,000, but worth every penny dealing with such a complicated matter. After our most recent hearing, my attorney is suggesting that we request a psychiatric evaluation to be done, however, in making that request, I would be responsible for that cost of $5,000 + $700/hr for testimony.

Thank You For Listening

I’m trying so hard to get through this while being a single mom, but those are some HUGE expenses that are needed quickly. The expert has been gracious enough to allow payments for the time being, but the psychiatric evaluation will be required upfront within the next month before the case is required to go to trial. Anything you can help with, even if it’s just prayers, is amazing and so very much appreciated, and we thank you for your time to hear about our experience and journey for justice.
Danielle Harrison

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