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Training &

Certification Requirements

For officials involved with DV survivors. This will help limit victim blaming & help the system to better handle domestic violence situations properly.

Law Reform

To Hold Abusers Accountable

With immediate detainment, bail denial and longer minimum required prison terms. DV needs to be treated like the serious, violent crime that it is.


For Children Involved

Even if a child isn’t directly abused, witnessing trauma has a dangerous impact and the likelihood of being abused increases greatly.


Financial help for poor, needy families

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$25,270 Raised

$30,000 Goal


Promoting The Rights of Children

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$25,270 Raised

$30,000 Goal

Healthy Water

Raise Fund for Clean Healthy Water

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$25,270 Raised

$30,000 Goal

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Request Interview

Do you have a story to tell? We’re looking for domestic violence survivors, professionals, and organizations to interview for our podcast we will be launching online across YouTube, social media and podcast platforms.