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Children need to be protected from abusers

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We want to be as straightforward and effective as possible, so we are still working on this petition, but here are some points that will be included. Feel free to comment below on your thoughts and opinions, but please do so respectfully.

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Even if a child isn’t directly abused, witnessing trauma has a dangerous impact and the likelihood of being abused increases greatly. Countless professionals and experts around the World (Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, etc.) have expressed deep concerns for children being in the care of an abuser, but these concerns go ignored and swept under the rug. This silence is causing detrimental damage to children and victims, and it’s imperative that it changes. Studies from some of our leading facilities in the US reflect astounding results with the dangers children are being exposed to. This can no longer go ignored when we have the knowledge, expertise, and ability to change it.

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Please know that you can get out & it will not always be an easy road & it will be lonely at times, but it only gets better. Life is too beautiful to live it trapped & abused & hiding under the shame of it all.

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