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We are excited about our updates!

Now it’s easier than ever to share your story, and to have full control and access to it it 24/7 if you want to change, update, or delete your post.

Sharing your story of domestic violence can be a powerful tool in raising awareness, offering support to others who may be experiencing or have experienced similar situations, and advocating for change. Here are several ways sharing your story can help:

1. Awareness: By sharing your personal experience, you bring attention to the issue of domestic violence, helping to break the silence and stigma surrounding it. Your story can reach a wide audience, including those who may not fully understand the extent and impact of domestic violence.

2. Validation and support: Sharing your story can provide validation to those who have experienced domestic violence themselves. It lets them know they are not alone and that their experiences and feelings are valid. This can greatly help survivors in their healing process.

3. Breaking the cycle: By sharing your story, you can inspire others to recognize and break the cycle of abuse. It helps survivors realize they have options and that there is hope for a better future. Your story can serve as a source of strength for those who are still in abusive relationships by showing them that they too can overcome the situation.

4. Advocacy for change: Sharing your story can be a catalyst for change. It can motivate individuals, communities, and policymakers to take action and implement measures to prevent domestic violence, provide support to survivors, and hold abusers accountable. Your story can contribute to shaping public opinion and policies aimed at eliminating domestic violence.

5. Empowerment: Sharing your story can be an empowering experience for yourself as well. It allows you to reclaim your narrative, break free from the shame and fear associated with the abuse, and find your voice. By speaking out, you regain a sense of control and strength, which can be instrumental in your healing journey.

Remember, sharing your story is a deeply personal decision, and it’s important to prioritize your safety and well-being. It may be helpful to seek the guidance of a therapist, support group, or helpline before sharing your story publicly.

So, What's New?

We are so happy you asked! Instead of submitting a message with your story for us to blog, now YOU can post the blog, giving you full control and access 24/7 to YOUR story! Add updates, make changes, delete it…. anything you’d like, any time.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! On the Speak Out page, you’ll see a link to create an account on WordPress, or if you already have an account, simply sign in! It’s free, fast, and simple! You don’t have to create an account to submit a post, but we do recommend doing so.

Use the post form to create your post. You can add up to 5 images, and style your post using the options in the toolbar. Make sure to set titles, headers, and paragraphs properly to optimize SEO.

When you are logged in, your posts will be listed at the bottom. To make changes, just click a post, make the changes you need or unpublish/delete your post, click update, and you’re good to go!

Isn't it cool?!

We are really excited to be able to offer this ability. Domestic violence is a sensitive subject, and anyone brave enough to share their story should have the ability to change their mind if they choose, change information that’s shared, or to add updates when they are ready to. You’ve been through enough for me to risk you stressing over something else when I can prevent it on my part.

We Hope You Like It!

We would love to hear about what you think of our new Speak Out page and options that we’ve added! We hope you’ll share your story and consider reaching out to join us for a video podcast interview, which is coming soon! Be sure to check out our Request An Interview page and let us know if your interested!

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